Diary December 10, 1918

Ebert greets returning troops
On December 10, 1918, Ebert greets returning troops at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with the words “I greet you who return undefeated from the battlefield!’
World War One Diary for Tuesday, December 10, 1918:

Western Front

President Poincare and Prime Minster Clemenceau enter Mulhouse, Alsace. AEF occupies West bank of Rhine from Andernach to Rolandseck and from Trechtingshausen (north of Bingen) to Boppard.

Eastern Front

Red Army reoccupies Minsk.


Bessarabia votes for uncondi­tional union with Rumania.
Sweden: Only Nobel Prizes go to Germans Max Planck (Physics) and Fritz Haber (Chemistry), poison gas developer.

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