Diary July 1, 1940

Street scene in Guernsey after occupation
Street scene in Guernsey on the Channel Islands in those days. The German occupation happens quiet and the troops are trying very hard to get along with the locals.
Diary for Monday, July 1, 1940:

Occupied countries

Channel Islands: German occupation completed.

Air War

Hull and Wick (northeast Scotland) bombed in daylight; 12 killed, 22 injured. 12 Hampdens bomb Kiel naval base; Guy Gibson drops 2,000 lb (ca. 907 kg). bomb near battlecruiser Scharnhorst, cruiser Prinz Eugen hit by 2 small bombs (night July 1-2).

Home Fronts

Vichy France: French Government moves from Bordeaux to Vichy.
Japan: Sugar and matches rationed.


Romania: Government renounces Anglo-French guarantee of her territorial integrity. Hungary alleges frontier violations by Rumanian troops; several civilians killed. Both countries mass troops along borders.


Britain: Government warns that she will not countenance Axis occupation of Syria.

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