Diary December 11, 1918

General Karl Mannerheim
General Karl Mannerheim was able to defeat the ‘Red Guard’ in Finland with German help.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, December 11, 1918:

Eastern Front

Mannerheim elected Regent of Finland (returns to Helsinki in triumph on December 22, white ‘Mannerheim’ bread comes from Allies).
Southern Russia: General Petlyura’s Ukrainians surround Odessa.

Western Front

British Military Governor (Lieutenant-General Fergusson) hoists Union Flag over his Headquarter Hotel Monopol, Cologne. AEF take formal possession of Koblenz. French (Mangin) enter Mainz; civil administration had broken down, order rapidly restored.


Germany: Dr Solf resigns as German Foreign Minister, Brockdorf­-Rantzau succeeds.

Home Fronts

Portugal – Lisbon Revolt (­until December 16): President Paes murdered (December 14), Admiral Antunes elected Provisional President on December 16.
Britain:Food rationing discontinued on all edible offals (meat).

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