Diary December 12, 1915

Serbian troops await evacuation
Serbian troops await evacuation by sea from Durazzo in Albania.
Diary for Sunday, December 12, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Albania: Serb Army evacuation begins. 1st Drina Division loses 981 men until December 14.
Salonika: Allied troops begin arriving back in Salonika by train (until December 17). Bulgars do not cross Greek frontier.

Sea War

Adriatic: Allied Navies begin Serb Army’s evacuation (until April 5, 1916).
Aegean: Last 2 French battleships leave Mudros (Lemnos).

Western Front

Flanders: British trench raid at Neuve Chapelle.

Eastern Front

Galicia and Bukovina: Ivanov orders offensive with new Seventh Army (Shcherbachev) and Ninth Army.

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps reports 11 Fokker E‘s in actions (until December 15) and 3 together at one mission on December 19.

Home Fronts

France: Artillery Colonel JE Estienne sees Joffre about ‘land ships’ (tanks), released on December 31 to work with Schneider about them.

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