Diary December 14, 1918

British Prime Minister Lloyd George
British Prime Minister Lloyd George is greeted by the crowd on the streets.
World War One Diary for Saturday, December 14, 1918:

Home Fronts

Britain – GENERAL (THE ‘KHAKI’ OR ‘COUPON’) ELECTION, first since 1910 (results on December 28 to allow forces’ votes to be counted). Munitionette volunteers released. Soldiers released for civil work to return to units. Scheme for forces higher education and training announced.

Western Front

ARMISTICE RENEWED TILL JANUARY 17, 1919: Allies reserve right to occupy neutral zone on East bank of Rhine.

Eastern Front

Ukraine: Ukrainian Directory leftist-­nationalists topple Skoropadski and proclaim People’s Republic at Kiev.
Belorussia: Soviet Belorussia united with RSFSR (until December 17).


Germany: Armistice renewed at Trier to January 17, 1919.
Britain: New US Ambassador arrives.
Rumania: Bratianu new Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

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