Diary December 18, 1915

Douglas Haig
Douglas Haig was to become the prototype of the arrogant, inflexible general who pursues his goals with a persistence bordering on stubbornness and takes immense losses in count.
Diary for Saturday, December 18, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: Sir J French’s farewell to BEF, leaves France on December 21. Joffre laments his departure. HAIG ASSUMES COMMAND OF BEF at noon.

African Fronts

Cameroons: 1,100 soldiers of French Eastern Force slowly advances south of Lembe until December 28. Cunliffe takes Ditam and Linte. French South Force (c. 1,000 soldiers) forces passage of river Campo on December 20 and captures Ambam on December 31.

Sea War

Baltic: Cruiser Bremen and destroyer V191 sunk by Russian mines off Windau (Courland).
Eastern Mediterranean: 2 French cruisers arrive off Syria and cruiser Foudre at Dedegach to blockade Turk and Bulgar coasts.

Air War

Germany: First French night bombing raid damages Metz rail station.


USA: President Wilson marries Mrs Edith B Galt in Washington.

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