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Diary December 2, 1943

Bari air raid disaster
The burning port of Bari after the German air raid by 96 Ju 88 bombers. It is the most successfull attack on a port in WW2, expect Pearl Harbor. The reasons for the disaster will be a secret by the Allies for many decades.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, December 2, 1943:

Air War

Mediterranean – Bari air raid disaster: 96 German bombers carry out low-level night raid on Bari in Italy (2 munition ships explode). 19 ships sunk, including SS John Harvey carrying mustard gas bombs, 7 ships heavily damaged. 1,000 plus killed, 800 injured. Thousands of civilians flee, the port is not operational for many weeks and disrupts the Allied Italian peninsular campaign.


Italy: 650-gun barrage heralds great US 5th Army push in central Italy. Front line moves forward 3 km.

Home Fronts

Britain: Minister of Labour Bevin announces conscription to mines.

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