Diary December 20, 1918

French colonial troops in Odessa
French colonial troops in Odessa.
World War One Diary for Friday, December 20, 1918:

Eastern Front

General Borius’ 1,800 French African troops (156th Colonial Division) land at Odessa. Petlura’s Ukrainians capture Kiev and end Skovopadski’s rule.

Home Fronts

Germany: Hindenburg protests vs Berlin Conference military resolutions. Spartacists raid Vorwärts Berlin office.

Middle East

General Hamelin’s French troops (including 2 battalions of Armenians) occupy Cilicia and Taurus rail tunnels (December 29) from landing at Mersin.
South Persia: c.2,000 men of Bushire Field Force clear Kamarij Pass; German agent Wassmuss still refuses to yield (December 23).


Serbia: Prime Minister Pasic (since 1912) resigns.

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