Diary December 26, 1918

 'Lennuk' of the Estonian Navy
One of the former Russian destroyers in service as ‘Lennuk’ of the Estonian Navy.
World War One Diary for Thursday, December 26, 1918:

Eastern Front

Baltic States: 2 Royal Navy cruisers and 3 destroyers capture Red destroyers Spartak and Avrotil (until December 27) after chase off Reval, 247 PoWs; ships later given to Estonian Navy.
Western Ukraine: Republic declared.
Lithuania: Voldemar Government resigns, new Prime Minister Slezevicius forms a coalition with Voldemar as foreign minister. Hoffmann diary records Polish offer to hold Vilna vs Reds.


Britain: Wilson arrives in London, met by King at Charing Cross Station.

Home Fronts

Rumania: Workers’ Bucharest demonstration dispersed (over 100 killed).

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