Diary December 26, 1943

Sheffield' in stormy waters during the Battle of the North Cape
Heavy cruiser ‘HMS Sheffield’ in stormy waters during the Battle of the North Cape.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, December 26, 1943:

Sea War

BATTLE OF NORTH CAPE: Series of miscalculations by Admiral Bey of battlecruiser Scharnhorst, during sortie against a arctic convoy leads him into British trap. Scharnhorst attempts to escape in darkness but is torpedoed by 4 destroyers and crippled by battleship Duke of York. 36 survivors out of 1,970 crew. 2 British ships damaged.
Atlantic – Operation Trave: German destroyer-torpedo boat force despatched to escort blockade-runner Alsterufer, but she is sunk before the rendezvous. The escorts then attack British cruisers Enterprise and Glasgow; British sink Z-27 and 2 torpedo boats.
Pacific: Americans land at Cape Gloucester (New Britain).

Home Fronts

Germany: Colonel Count von Stauffenberg prepares to assassinate Hitler at staff conference, but the Fuehrer changes his plans.

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