Diary December 28, 1917

Major James Thomas Byford McCudden
Major James Thomas Byford McCudden received his commission on January 1, 1917 flying S.E.5s. As a fighter he was instinctively a loner, preferring to stalk his prey so as to attack unseen from close range.
World War One Diary for Friday, December 28, 1917:

Air War

Western Front: ­Royal Flying Corps ace McCudden shoots down 3 LVGs in 20 minutes (4 kills on December 23).
Italy: Austrians bomb Padua (until December 30), cause 79 casualties, bomb Treviso, Bassano, Vicenza and Castelfranco (December 31).

Eastern Front

Russia: Lenin attends Demobilization Congress which votes for Army’s dissolution; he requests ‘revolutionary units’ to hold front line.

Southern Fronts

Austria: Arz replies to Ludendorff (from December 23), agrees his Western Front 1918 spring offensive will be decisive and Austrian troops will be sent, once no longer needed in Russia.

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