Diary December 29, 1915

Haig and Joffre
The commander of the BEF, Haig (left) and the French commander Joffre are talking.
Diary for Wednesday, December 29, 1915:

Western Front

First conference between Joffre and Haig: summer 1916 (Somme) offensive mooted. Joffre proposes great combined offensive by 65 divisions on a 60-mile front Arras-west of Peronne-Lassigny.
Flanders: ­German trenches raided by British near Armentieres.

Sea War

Adriatic: High-speed action chase off Cattaro, between Austrian squadron (2 of 5 destroyers sunk in Durazzo minefield after sinking 3 vessels there, cruiser Helgoland damaged) and Allied squadron of 4 cruisers including Dartmouth and Weymouth, follows Austrian raid on Durazzo. French submarine Monge sunk before it by Austrian destroyer Balaton. Both sides dissatisfied with results.

Air War

Western Front: 6 Fokker Es shoot down 1 RFC 8 Squadron BE2c west of Cambrai, but Lieutenant Sholto Douglas (future Marshal of the Royal Air Force) in the other BE2c evades both Boelcke and Immelmann by coming down to 10 ft. 26 other Royal Flying Corps aircraft damage Comines rail station and Hervilly airfield.


Britain: Grey circulates Cabinet with Russian Foreign Minister Sazanov’s report from Armenia via Constantinople sources that Djemal Pasha willing to rebel against Sultan and Germany if recognised as Sultan of non­-European Turkey minus capital and straits.
France: Law gives Allies perpetual rights to soldiers’ graves in France.

Home Fronts

Britain: Leicester Square premiere of Britain Prepared, a 3-hour propaganda film. Balfour introduces, goes on worldwide distribution.

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