Diary December 29, 1917

propaganda sees the 'bestial Germans'.
Disgraced women and slain children behind them, medals for murder and destruction on the breat and the chunky boots set on a US flag – that’s how the propaganda sees the ‘bestial Germans’.
World War One Diary for Saturday, December 29, 1917:

Home Fronts

Britain: National Labour Convention demands general rationing. Churchill letter ‘I am strongly pressing that the cavalry should be put by regiments into the Tanks. Masterman of War Propaganda Bureau ‘As a result of the double propa­ganda, 19 countries have declared war against Germany and 10 have broken off relation­ships with her’.

Eastern Front

Russia: Old Russian Army ranks abolished; decision in principle to organize new Red Army. Admiral Kaiserling with German Military Mission arrive in Petrograd to discuss Armistice technical details.
Ukraine: Red Guards capture Lozoyova and Pavlograd on Kharkov-Crimea railway, occupy Kharkov on December 31.


Holland: First British PoW trainload arrives for internment.

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