Diary December 30, 1917

dressing station on the Italian Front
Austro-Hungarian dressing station on the Italian Front.
World War One Diary for Sunday, December 30, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Piave: French 47th Division (259 casualties) recaptures Mt Tomba in 25 minutes with nearly 1,564 PoWs. Austrians forced to evacuate Zenso bend bridgehead, Lower Piave.
Salonika: Sir R Ross urges the minimum of 15,000 British malaria cases be sent home; 9,000 repatriated by April 30, 1918.

Middle East

Palestine – Turk casualties since December 27: over 1,558 (558 PoWs) and 9 MGs vs British EEF of 1,360 soldiers, 1 armoured car and 2 MGs. Total Turk losses since October 31, 1917: 28,443.

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: British destroyer Attack mined and sunk off Alexandria by UC-34 while rescuing survivors of torpedoed troopship Aragon (610 lost). Fleet auxiliary Osmanieh sinks on another mine on December 31 (198 lives lost).

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