Diary December 4, 1917

Melee scene Italian front
Melee scene of a fight for a height on the Italian front.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, December 4, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Scheuchenstuel’s Eleventh Army (35 battalions) eliminates Mts Meletta­-Badenecche salient northeast of Asiago in 4 hours, taking 16,000 PoWs, 90 guns and 200 MGs until December 5, helped by inadequate Italian gas masks and incompetent General Armani (later sacked); Italian 29th Division destroyed.


France: Foreign Minister Pichon signs decree forming independent Czech Army.
USA: Wilson message to Congress says peace will come when German people agree to a settlement of justice and reparation. US War Trade Board blacklists 1600 German firms in Latin America.

Western Front

Cambrai – Battle of Bourlon Wood ends: British obliged to evacuate salient (night December 4-5 til 7) by threat of renewed German attacks, and loathsome conditions created by unburied corpses, clouds of poison gases and pools of stagnant water.

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