Diary December 8, 1917

Turkish cavalry in a camp near Jerusalem
Turkish cavalry in a camp near Jerusalem.
World War One Diary for Saturday, December 8, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: British advance on Jerusalem begins despite heavy rain, 60th Division takes two villages, 297 PoWs, 3 guns and 12 MGs. Turk XX Corps (12,000 soldiers with c.50 guns) evacuates Jerusalem until December 9.

Western Front

Germans make 225 trench raids against BEF until March 21, 1918 and gain 62 unit identifications.

Eastern Front

All hostilities suspended.

Air War

Italian Front: 150 Allied aircraft over Frenzela valley fighting, Trentino. Italian ace Baracca scores 3 victories, winning Gold Medal.


Russia: British Ambassador in Petrograd disclaims wish to interfere in internal affairs.
Ecuador: Government breaks relations with Germany.

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