Diary February 12, 1918

Turkish Mountain Ski Troops
Turkish Mountain Ski Troops in the Caucasus.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, February 12, 1918:

Middle East

Armenia: Turk Offensive (45,000-50,000 in 8 divisions with 160 guns) begins with taking Cardakli on Zara-Sivas road and advance to Erzincan (February 14). Colonel Morel’s 2,000 Armenians with 6 guns make epic retreat to Erzerum (February 14-25).

Eastern Front

Southern Russia: Reds capture two points on Novorossiisk­-Tsaritsyn railway and defeat Polish Corps at Rogachev.

Sea War

Eastern Atlantic: U-89 rammed and sunk off Malin Head (North Ireland) with all hands by British cruiser Roxburgh (night February 12-13).

Air War

Germany: 12 DH4s of No 55 Squadron bomb railways and barracks at Offenburg (Baden).
Salonika: 20 Royal Flying Corps bombers burn out Cestovo ammo dump.

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