Diary February 16, 1916

Turkish Mountain Ski Troops
Turkish Mountain Ski Troops on the Caucasian Front.
Diary for Wednesday, February 16, 1916:

Middle East

Armenia: Yudenich captures Erzerum, many Arabs desert Turks, who have lost 15,000 men including 5,000 PoWs and 327 guns against 9,000 Russian losses (4,000 frostbite).
Mesopotamia: British War Office takes control of operations from India office.
Persia: Goltz reports gloomily on prospects.
Egypt: Arab Bureau starts weekly Arab Bulletin.

Western Front

Champagne: German gas attack in Reims sector.
Argonne: Mine warfare.

Eastern Front

Hoffmann diary: ‘I have recently spoken to hundreds of men on the fronts of 3 armies’.

Southern Fronts

Greece: Montenegrin troops land in Corfu.

Home Fronts

Britain: Severe Commons criticism of Governments anti-Zeppelin measures. Shipping debate following day.

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