Diary February 17, 1916

Turkish Army camel transport
Turkish Army camel transport on the front in Mesopotamia.
Diary for Thursday, February 17, 1916:

Middle East

Mesopotamia: King George V message of encouragement to Kut.
Armenia: Siberian Cossacks and infantry take 5,000 PoWs and 42 guns in pursuit from Erzerum.
East Persia: ­Brigade-General Dyer made GOC, takes command Seistan March 3.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Gouverneur Ebermaier reports to Berlin that his entire force (c.975 Germans including 400 civilians; 6,000 askaris; 8,000 natives) interned in Spanish Muni. 832 Germans later taken to Spain, where 13 escape in schooner from Vigo on October 8.

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