Diary February 19, 1944

Ju 88G night fighters
One of the new, outstanding Ju 88 G night fighters with Lichtenstein SN-2 radar and deadly armament, in Luftwaffe service from early 1944 on.
WW2 War Diary for Saturday, February 19, 1944:

Air War

Germany: First heavy defeat of Royal Air Force in a night raid on Germany. RAF loses 79 night bombers (out of 730) during operations against Leipzig (2,290t bombs dropped). Germans loose 17 night fighters.


Italy – Anzio: German onslaught wilts under ceaseless Allied air and artillery bombardment and they withdraw from ‘Flyover’.

Sea War

Atlantic: First German U-boat to be fitted with ‘Schnorkel’ equipment (U-264) sunk by sloops Starling and Woodpecker.

Occupied Territories

France: Resistance attacks Arsenal National, near Paris, crippling production of light artillery.

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