Diary February 20, 1916

 result of an wartime duel in the air
The grisly result of an wartime duel in the air.
Diary for Sunday, February 20, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: 34 Anglo-German air combats (7 on February 24).
Britain: 4 German seaplanes drop 25 bombs on Walmer and Lowestoft, 2 casualties; 26 defending aircraft ascend.

Western Front

Flanders: Germans make 3 attempts to cross Yser canal near Boesinghe.

Southern Fronts

Bulgaria: Greeks of Xanthus deported.
Italian Front: ­Italian First Army C-in-C General Brusato aware of Austrian Trentino build-up.

Middle East

Armenia: Cossacks and Russian 39th Division storm Abdalcik and Askale from Turk rearguard (until February 22). General Abatsiev reoccupied Tatvan southwest of lake Van.

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