Diary February 21, 1917

Post at the exit of a glacier
Post at the exit of a glacier. Power leads into the interior. The eternal ice of the Alps was included in the fighting line as well as steep rocky towers.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 21, 1917:

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Italian guns destroy Austrian railhead at Tarvis.
Macedonia: General Lyautey approves Sarrail‘s spring offensive plan submitted February 8 whose final objective is Sofia. Sarrail finally consults Milne on February 28 and they agree on Lake Doiran sector British attack.

Secret War

Palestine: British yacht Managam visits Athlit, contacts NILI Jewish spy ring and delivers funds.


Britain: New blockade orders insist ships sailing to neutrals with access to enemy enter a British port for examination.

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