Diary February 21, 1940

first cavity magnetron for short-wave radar
The original of the first cavity magneto for short-wave radar from John Randall.
Diary for Wednesday, February 21, 1940:

Secret War

Britain: First successful test of cavity magneto at Birmingham University gives Britain unbeatable lead in development of short-wave radar.


Winter War: Blizzards hamper Russian offensive in Karelian Isthmus.

Home Fronts

Britain: Government Treasury announces token defense estimates of £100 each for Army, Navy and RAF for 1940 and duration of the war (the actual figures being concealed for security reasons).
Emergency measures to deal with coal shortage (severe winter) include drastic reduction of passenger train services.

Occupied countries

Poland: Inspectorate of Concentration Camps reports to Himmler that Auschwitz Camp, in ‘Incorporated Territories’ of Poland, is suitable for use as ‘quarantine center’.

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