Diary February 24, 1915

German troops invading Northwest Russia 1915
While Russian prisoners are brought back after the victory at the Masurian Lakes, the German troops are beginning to invade Northwest Russia.
Diary for Wednesday, February 24, 1915:

Eastern Front

Germans cross river Niemen near Sventsiansk.

Western Front

Meuse: French artillery in successful counter-battery operations. Fighting at Les Eparges.

Sea War

Adriatic: First French warship lost, destroyer Dague mined off Antivari, Montenegro.

Middle East

Britain: Lloyd George suggests Mesopotamia ‘Merely a side issue’, whole force should go to Dardanelles. Churchill disagrees. Kitchener again against sending land forces including 29th Division.


Britain: Government rejects Russian London Ambassador’s forwarded request to supply Zeitun Armenians with arms.

Home Fronts

Austria: Government takes over all grain and flour stocks.
Britain: ­Second Territorial Division (North Midland, later becomes British 48th division) leaves for France.

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