Diary February 3, 1916

ace Georges Guynemer
The darling of the French public became the ace Georges Guynemer. The circumstances of his death in 1917 are still unclear.
Diary for Thursday, February 3, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: Future French ‘ace’ Guynemer destroys 2 LVGs (his 4th and 5th victories) above Roye, is commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant in March.

Eastern Front

Bukovina: Renewed Russian attack, Lechitski reaches west bank of Dniester (February 8), has more success on February 20.


Rumania: Cereai crop sold to Austro-German syndicate (170,000t exported in February).
Greece: Government recalls reservists from Salonika on February 8; partial mobiliza­tion complete on February 14.

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