Diary February 3, 1918

giants of democracy'
Allied poster celebrates politicians and generals as ‘giants of democracy’. Britain’s Lloyd George, Haig, US President Wilson and General Pershing and France’s Foch.
World War One Diary for Sunday, February 3, 1918:


France: Allied Supreme War Council’s enlarged powers announced at Versailles.
Sweden: Finnish Stockholm Minister on own initiative requests Swedish intervention, Prime Minister refuses, suggests mediation on February 4. The Finns cables Berlin.

Eastern Front

Finland: 1,600 White Guards capture Oulu in north and clear up to Swedish border until February 6. In centre, Reds vainly assault White line from February 2 to 12.

Air War

Italy: Austrians bomb Venice (and on February 5 and 25) together with Padua (February 20).

Secret War­

Switzerland: American George D Herron meets Austrian Imperial adviser Lammasch in low-level abortive peace feelers.

Home Fronts

Germany: Berlin garrison commander tells strikers return to work or be shot.

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