Diary February 4, 1915

Engine room German U-boat
Inside the engine room of a German U-boat. These submarines will bore the brunt of efforts to strangle also the flow of supplies to Germany’s enemies.
Diary for Thursday, February 4, 1915:

Sea War

UNRESTRICTED U-BOAT WAR. Germany declares ‘War Zone’ around British Islands as from February 18. All vessels including neutrals liable to be sunk by U­-boats (only 30 available at start). Pohl replaces Ingenohl as C-in-C High Seas Fleet, Bachmann new Chief of Naval Staff.
Channel: Second Royal Navy Q-ship Lyons prepared for service. She patrols without success.

Western Front

Artois: Slight French advance at Ecuries (Arras-La Bassee).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Viceroy of India Lord Hardinge visits Basra and Abadan oil refinery until February 8.
Persia: 700 Turks reported advancing on Ahwaz oilfields (24 miles (ca. 39 km) northwest by February 10).

Home Fronts

Britain: The King and Kitchener inspect 1st Canadian Division on Salisbury Plain.
Northcliffe letter to Bonar Law why French allow journalists at front, but not British (ban lifted on May).
France: Reconstruction Commission appointed.
Canada: Parliament votes $100 millions war credit and authorizes $50 millions war bonds.

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