Diary February 6, 1915

crater left by mine detonation
A lone soldier gives some indication of the size of craters left by a mine detonation.
Diary for Saturday, February 6, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders: British counter-mine two German sap-heads south of La Bassee Canal.
Somme: ­Germans detonate 3 mines in La Bolsselle.

Eastern Front

Bukovina: Austrian Seventh Army (6 divisions) retakes Kimpolung, forces Russians beyond river Suczava until February 9 and reaches river Sereth on February 11.


Britain: Lloyd George returns from Paris conference with Franco­-Russian finance ministers having agreed to share resources.
Germany: Bethmann writes to German Vienna ambassador urging conces­sions to Italy.


Romania and Italy renew agreement from September 23, 1914.

Secret War

Germany: Crown Prince writes to Grand Duke Ernest of Hesse (Tsarina’s brother) urging separate peace with Russia.

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