Diary July 18, 1945

B-24 Liberators of the Far East Air Force command
B-24 Liberators of the Far East Air Forces Command taxi out at the start of a mission.
Diary for Wednesday, July 18, 1945:

Air War

China: 200 B-24 Liberator and B-25 Mitchell bombers of FEAF (Far East Air Forces command) from Okinawa bomb Kiangwan airfield, Shanghai.

Home Fronts

Italy: Captured German mines explode, destroying American Red Cross club (36 killed).
Brazil: Brazilian Expeditionary Force parades through Rio de Janeiro, on its return from Italy.
Canada – Explosions in RCN Magazine rock Halifax (NS): firemen narrowly avert cataclysmic detonation of main magazine, containing 6,000 t. ammunition, vast numbers of depth charges and mines (15 casualties).

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