Diary February 6, 1918

 French poster calls for women's suffrage
This French poster calls for women’s suffrage. Through the increased involvement of women in the world of work during the war, they gained the right to vote in Britain in 1918, while in France they had to wait until 1945.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 6, 1918:

Home Fronts

Britain: Electoral Reform Act passed, 6 million WOMEN OVER 30 RECEIVE VOTE, Commons enlarged by 37 members to 707.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Mackensen 4-day peace talks ultimatum to Rumania. Rumanian Prime Minister Bratianu resigns, General Averescu forms new Cabinet on February 9.
Russia: German­ language Red broadcast from Tsarkoe Selo calls for military revolt and Kaiser’s murder.

Air War

Western Front: First US Royal Flying Corps squadron (No 17) arrives (left Texas December 19, 1917), 9 more follow until March.

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