Diary February 8, 1915

King George aboard Queen Elizabeth
King George V visited aboard the newly completed battleship Queen Elizabeth.
Diary for Monday, February 8, 1915:

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: British cruiser Philomel raids Bab Yunis near Alexandretta.
Black Sea: ­Light cruiser Breslau shells Yalta (Crimea) while Russian cruisers bombard Trebizond.
North Sea: Jellicoe back with Grand Fleet after February operations for piles, Beatty made Vice­-Admiral of Battlecruiser Fleet (King first visits at Rosyth from February 26­-28).

Western Front

Flanders: King Albert visits British front. Field Marshal French tells army commanders offensive likely, Joffre suggests against Aubers Ridge on February 16.

Eastern Front

Carpathians: Austrian VIII Corps from Serbia arrives.

African Fronts

Libya: Italians attack Dunedjen.
East Africa: British evacuation of coastal area complete.


Britain: King George V receives French Foreign Minister Delcasse at Buckingham Palace.


USA: DW Griffith‘s Birth of a Nation film epic opens in Los Angeles.

Home Fronts

France: First BEF concert party at Harfleur (25 parties give 14,000 concerts per year later). Church Army recreation hut opens at Rouen.

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