Diary February 8, 1916

Armoured cruiser Bruix
Armoured cruiser ‘Bruix’ in 1914, a sister ship of ‘Admiral Charner’. The four old cruisers of the ‘Admiral Charner’ class were all completed in 1894 resp 1896.
Diary for Tuesday, February 8, 1916:

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: French cruiser Admiral Chamer (374 drowned, only 1 survivor) sunk in 4 minutes by U21 (Hersing) off Beirut, but otherwise she sinks only 1 steamer on this cruise.

Western Front

Artois: Germans attack west of La Folie – 700 yards of trenches taken. French partially recapture them on February 9-10.

Middle East

Persia: Russian general Baratov disperses 3000 gendarmes and Kurds at Nihavend, occupies Daulata­bad, is ordered to occupy Kermanshah at once on February 13.

African Fronts

Southern Cameroons: French reach river Campo opposite Ngoa, cross and occupy it on February 10-11, occupy Banyassa on February 15.


Britain: Government gives France £18 millions credit in USA and requests Japan’s naval help.

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