Diary January 13, 1917

Rumanian soldier wearing ragged and improvised equipment
A Rumanian soldier wearing ragged and improvised equipment typical of an army which has suffered heavy defeats. He has a Rumanian M1915 gasmask – a grey wool hood impregnated with sodium thiosulphate.
World War One Diary for Saturday, January 13, 1917:

Eastern Front

RumaniaBattle of Pralea (until January ­18): Rumanians hold Susitza valley.

Middle East

Arabia: Abdulla’s 5,000 Arabs capture Mecca-bound Turk convoy (much gold), reach Wadi Ais, 50 miles northwest of Medina on January 19.


Rumania: US and Dutch Ambassadors leave Rumania.


USA­: Trotsky lands in New York.

Oval@3x 2

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