Diary January 16, 1919

Election campaign Germany 1919
Election campaign for the German Constituent National Assembly, the ‘Constituent’, on 19 January 1919. All the parties are engaged in election propaganda at great expense.
World War One Diary for Thursday, January 16, 1919:

Germany: German government signs new Armistice terms at Trier (until February 17); she is to give up many farm implements and her merchant fleet; Allies reserve right to occupy Strasbourg defences on Rhine’s East bank.
Poland: Paderewski Prime Minister, forms National Government with Pilsudski as C-in-C (January 27).
Trans­-Caspia: 900 British and White troops (c.116 casualties) defeat c.5,000 Reds with 8 guns (estimated 600 casualties and 7 machine-guns lost) at Annenkovo, northeast of Merv.
Italy: National Institute of Ex­-Soldiers formed; 900,000 now demobilized.

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