Diary January 17, 1916

Poster for military service India
With such posters the British advertise for volunteers for military service in India.
Diary for Monday, January 17, 1916:

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Nixon vetoes Aylmer’s suggestion that Townshend break out from Kut and is invalided to India following day. Viceroy of India agrees to send 3 more brigades.

Southern Fronts

MONTENEGRO SURREN­DERS: General Vesovic signs a general capitulation.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian torpedo boats sink 163 sailing vessels, 40 more on January 22.


Greece: Government newspaper reports on ‘Anglo­-French organization of secret police’.

Home Fronts

Britain: War Pensions Committee first meets. Churchill writes to his wife: ‘Imbecile government, and purblind Kitchener. Wait and see’.

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