Diary January 19, 1919

SPD election campaign 1919
The German Social Democrats are trying to win women as a new electoral group in the election campaign. Nevertheless, the result is a disappointment for them, as SPD and USPD parties together win only 45.5% of the votes and thus 185 deputies. The bourgeois parties achieve the majority with 236 seats, but are not in a position to form a government.
World War One Diary for Sunday, January 19, 1919:

Germany: National Assembly elections (30 million of 35 million over 20 years vote) for 421 deputies.
North Russia: Red Sixth Army attacks 2,000 Allies in 37° of frost at Shenkursk (on river Vaga, 180 miles south of Archangel), forcing Allied retreat (January 24-25).

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