Diary January 20, 1919

Lieutenant General Anton Ivanovich Denikin
Lieutenant General Anton Ivanovich Denikin (center) inspects the White Tank Corps in summer 1919 in South Russia.
World War One Diary for Monday, January 20, 1919:

Russia­: Denikin’s Whites take Piatigorsk (capital North Caucasus SSR), Kislovodsk and Georgievsk (January 22). General Milne visits Tiflis (HQ British 27th Division) and Baku (January 22) seeing Caucasus governments.
France: Allied Council of Supply and Relief approves Commissions at Trieste, Bucharest, Constantinople and in Poland. ­514 of 654 French export restrictions lifted (19 left on May 14).
Britain: 161,953 British PoWs (including 4,624 civilians) re­patriated since Armistice, camps in Germany practically empty; 3,330 German interned civilians repatriated. Peak PoW total in British hands 507,215 (including 43,308 civilians).

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