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Diary January 23, 1916

The FE2b was still in use at the end of the war as night-bombing plane.
Diary for Sunday, January 23, 1916:

Air War

First Royal Flying Corps all-FE2b two-seat pusher squadron (No 20) reaches France (No 25 on 20 February; No 23 on 16 March; No 22 on 1 April).

Western Front

Artois: Violent German attack near Neuville-St-Vaast, renewed on January 25 and 26 with mine explosions.

Middle East

Armenia: Grand Duke authorizes attack on Erzerum. Yudenich has 20 aircraft (the first ones in this theatre), motor convoys and 34 siege guns to help.

African Fronts

Western Desert: Major-General Wallace (322 casualties) beats 6,000 Senussi (700 casualties) at Halazin and captures their camp (25 miles southwest of Matruh).


King of Montenegro arrives at Rome; his son Prince Mirko accepts Austrian terms on January 25 which King disowns on May 24.

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