Diary January 25, 1916

 fortress guns at Erzurum
Turkish fortress guns at Erzerum, Caucasian Front.
Diary for Tuesday, January 25, 1916:

Middle East

Armenia: Russian battalion seizes key Kargapazar (‘Crow Bazaar’) Ridge (c.9750 ft); 15 miles northeast of Erzerum. Whole 4th Caucasus Rifle Division concen­trates there by January 31.
Mesopota­mia: Aylmer encamps at El Owasa; Townshend radios that he has 84 days food due to Arab barley store discovery.

Eastern Front

Austria: Direct ViennaWarsaw train service begins.


USA: Government protest against Allied neutral trade restraint.

Home Fronts

Britain: Mile End (East London) by-election, Tory wins by 1,991 votes. Press Bureau publishes blockade figures. Churchill writes to Lloyd George suggesting meeting, but no reply.

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