Diary January 26, 1918

Times are ahrd, but the victory is certain
With the popular Hindenburg war bonds are advertised in Germany: ‘Times are hard, but the victory is certain’.
World War One Diary for Saturday, January 26, 1918:

Western Front

Germany: OHL publishes The Attack in Position Warfare, bible of 1918 offensives, stresses attack in depth with air support.
Somme: British Fifth Army relieves French Third Army from St Quentin south to Barisis, south of river Oise until January 30.
Flanders: Haig dines with Asquith (visiting his surviving son).

Eastern Front

Siberia­: Provisional Socialist Government elected at Tomsk.
Finland: Red Guards mobilize at midnight.

Sea War

Irish Sea: U-boats sink Dublin steam packet Cork and Spanish SS Giralda (50th victim).
Channel: Returning U-109 blown up in Dover Barrage (only 5 High Seas Fleet boats try it outward bound in January). Destroyer HMS Leven depth charges and sinks coastal submarine UB-35 north of Calais.
St George’s Channel: Royal Navy PC62 rams and sinks U-84.
U-boats’ costliest day of the war.

Air War

France: Germans bomb Dunkirk, Calais and Boulogne.
Canada: 4,036 RFC airmen trained in past year (34 fatal accidents); 200 trained pilots per month sent to Britain in 1918.

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