Diary January 29, 1943

burning Japanese torpedo bomber
A burning Japanese torpedo bomber Nakajima B5N is still trying to topple its target.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, January 29, 1943:

Sea War

Pacific: Giant Japanese submarine I-1 sunk in engagement with NZ armed trawlers Kiwi and Moa off Guadalcanal. 3 US cruisers hit by Japanese torpedo planes near Guadalcanal (Chicago sunk, January 30).

Home Fronts

Germany: Dr Ernst Kaltenbrunner, SS Group Leader and Lieutenant-General of Police, appointed Heydrich’s successor as head of SD (Gestapo).
Sex murderer Bruno Ludke claims his last victim – the 85th (?) since 1928. Ludke subsequently arrested and given fatal injection (April 8, 1944).


New Guinea: Australians airlift 800 troops to Wau, south of Lae, where small Australian garrison faces overwhelmingly superior Japanese forces.

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