Diary July 11, 1918

Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia
World War One Diary for Thursday, July 11, 1918:

Middle East

Palestine: Lawrence at Allenby’s HQ told outline of Palestine September offensive. Allenby informs CIGS that it will be mid-September (July 12), replies no winter reinforcements from France (July 20).

Western Front

Flanders: Rupprecht seriously considers postponing Operation Hagen because of influenza epidemic. Australian Lys sector trench raid near Merris (captured July 29).
Marne: French deserter informs Germans that Allied tank-led offensive imminent.
Lorraine: First of 4 US radio stations (at Toul) starts to monitor German traffic. First AEF field code in service (July 15), 9 more by Armistice.

Eastern Front

USSR: Red Simbirsk Province Chairman ambushes and kills Muraviev, but Whites rise at Arzamas, Murom, Rostov (Yaroslav Province) and Rybinsk.
Baltic States: Prince William of Urach (Wuerttemberg) accepts the title of Mindove II, King of Lithuania, from Council of State (Taryba).

Southern Fronts

Saloniki: At Supreme War Council General Guillaumat says Balkans autumn offensive will succeed, Greeks had entered war to regain East Macedonia, Clemenceau (July 18) instructs d’Esperey to continue preparations.

Sea War

Atlantic: US supply ship Westover (10 lost) sunk in European waters.

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