Diary July 13, 1917

Dr Michaelis
Dr Michaelis in 1932 (Bundesarchiv, Picture 183-2004-0720-500). The completely unknown lawyer, after the OHL had sawn out the ‘soft’ Bethmann, was called, quite surprisingly, as Chancellor. He was inexperienced and also sabotage the peace resolution of the Reichstag, and in 1926 he was made responsible for the ‘possible prolongation of the war to Germany’s disadvantage’. After only 3 1/2 months in the office he was replaced again.
World War One Diary for Friday, July 13, 1917:


Germany: Bethmann resigns as Imperial German Chancellor, Dr Michaelis (unknown to Kaiser) succeeds on July 14. Foreign minister Zimmermann resigns on July 15.

Home Fronts

France: General Petroleum Committee formed.
Germany­: Bethmann resigns, Michaelis from Prussian Food Office succeeds as first non-aristocrat Chancellor on July 14.


Sahara: 960 French and Allies from Agades defeat Senussi Khoassen and take his gun at Amzet but he raids Dammerghou killing 20 French on August 30.

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