Diary July 14, 1917

Gas victims
Gas victims by the mustard gas shot by the Germans in Ypres in July 1917, which the British call Yperit.
World War One Diary for Saturday, July 14, 1917:

Western Front

Flanders: Between July 14 and August 4 German artillery fire 1 million rounds (2,500t) of mustard gas shell at British between Nieuport and Armentieres; 14,726 gassed (500 deaths).
Champagne: French capture trenches on Moronvilliers Massif; counter-attacks repulsed on July 15 and 16.
Aisne­: Germans make small gains on Chemin des Dames and at Cerny.
Artois: First AEF (American Expedition Force) casualty, Lieutenant Louis I Genella suffers shell wound with BEF southwest of Arras.
France: General Estienne reviews his Schneider tanks at Champlieu camp near Compiegne.


East Africa: Kilwa Forces (Beves) surprises and drives Germans from Mtandawala. Shorthose’s NRFF column (700 soldiers with 2 guns) gets airdropped orders to occupy Tunduru 100 miles to north, rafts across river Rovuma on July 31.


Russia: Finland declares independence from Russia.

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