Diary July 22, 1916

guard in a high mountain position
A guard in a high mountain position.
Diary for Saturday, July 22, 1916:

Southern Fronts

Trentino: Alpini battalion and 154th Regiment night attack and gain footing north of Mt Cimone summit (July 23) dominating Arsiero to south (Austrian counter-attacks repelled on July 31), but attack on Bocchetta di Portule (6,395 ft) fails.
Dolomites: Italian I and XVIII Corps take Rolle Pass and two peaks, occupy Paneveggio village (July 31) in Val Travignolo.

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Heavy fighting from Pozieres to Guillemont. French repel counter-attacks south of Amiens-Peronne high road.

Sea War

Black Sea: Light cruiser Breslau escapes new Russian dreadnought Imperatritsa Maria with stern splinter damage.


Russia: Foreign Minister Sazanov (since 1910) resigns, Prime minister Stuermer takes over.


USA: Bomb kills 9 and wounds 40 in San Francisco (War) Prepared­ness Parade: 2 radical labour leaders given life sentence (released 1939).
US Senate votes naval building programme.

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