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Diary July 23, 1940

Volunteers from the  Home Guard
Volunteers from the Home Guard guarding a coastline.
Diary for Tuesday, July 23, 1940:

Home Fronts

Britain: Local Defense Volunteers renamed Home Guard. 1,300,000 men have volunteered since May 14; recruiting officially terminated. Third War Budget: income tax raised to 8s 6d in £, 1d one pint of beer. New Purchase Tax retitled ‘Merchant Sales Tax’ (title later dropped).


Hungary: Pro-Nazi demonstrations in Budapest.

Occupied countries

Czechoslovakia: Provisional Czechoslovak Government established in London by members of former ‘Czechoslovak National Committee’, with Benes (President) and Masaryk (Foreign Minister). Britain recognizes new Government.

East Africa

General Legentilhomme Free French-commander in French Somaliland, replaced by pro-Vichy General Germain. French troops abandon vital Jirre pass, July 27 – thereby exposing British Somaliland to Italian invasion.

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