Diary July 26, 1915

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Diary for Monday, July 26, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italians capture most of Mt Sei Busi (Carso) but impetus faltering.

Western Front

Argonne: German setback.
Alsace – ‘Second Battle of Munster’: French advance on Lingenkopf until next day.

Eastern Front

Russian Government allows Lett (Latvian) rifle division of 50,000 to be formed.

African Fronts

Uganda Railway sabotaged at five different points until July 31.

Sea War

Adriatic: French destroy Austrian U-boat supply station at Lagosta island.


USA: Anglo-US Standard Oil cooperation Agreement (with US tin importers on July 29).

Occupied countries

Belgium: Germans take over gas, water and electricity suppliers.

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