Diary July 28, 1918

Haig, is inspecting Canadian troops
The British Commander-in-Chief on the Western Front, Sir Douglas Haig, is inspecting Canadian troops.
World War One Diary for Sunday, July 28, 1918:

Western Front

Champagne and Marne: Since July 26, Allies (most of 5 US divisions engaged until July 31) have advanced 4 miles on 20-mile front. They cross the Ourcq and capture Fare-en-Tardenois. British retake Bligny in Ardre valley. Foch puts French First Army under Haig for Amiens operations and asks that Rawlinson’s planned August 20 attack be advanced to August 8 due to critical Marne situation.

Home Fronts

Brazil: German banks ordered to cease operations (finally closed October 16).

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