Diary July 29, 1916

meeting of battlefield tactics
British meeting of battlefield tactics on a photo canvas.
Diary for Saturday, July 29, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Two failed German attempts to retake Delville Wood. Hand-to-hand fighting north of Pozieres; Germans repulse Australian attack on the Windmill. CIGS letter to Haig, ‘The Powers that be are beginning to get a little uneasy … the casualties are mounting up’.

Eastern Front

Germany: Falkenhayn, Conrad and Colonel Gancev (Bulgaria) sign convention for action against Rumania; Mackensen given Danube Army for it.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: General Lake reports to CIGS no advance until troops and transport refitted; CIGS agrees (July 31).
Arab Revolt: Britain re-affirms Holy Places’ Muslim independence.
Armenia, First Battle of Ognot (until August 1): Yudenich‘s IV Caucasus Corps attacks Turk Second Army.

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