Diary July 3, 1916

German PoWs captured on this third day of the British Somme offensive
German PoWs captured on this third day of the British Somme offensive carry one of their wounded comrades.
Diary for Monday, July 3, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: British capture Ovillers-La Boisselle, 9th Scottish Division captures Bernafay Wood (east of Montauban). Falkenhayn visits F Below at St Quentin, replaces his Chief-of-Staff for allowing withdrawal south of Somme; Below obediently orders counter-attacks ‘I forbid the voluntary evacuation of trenches’.
Verdun: Germans take and lose Damloup work, their attacks on Avocourt and Hill 304 fail on July 5.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Italian Second Army reformed (HQ Cividale) for Isonzo offensive.

Sea War

North Sea: Two lines of U-boats patrol Heligoland Bight (until August 4).

Air War

Bulgaria: French air raid on Sofia from Salonika.
Western Front: 30 Anglo-German air combats. Royal Flying Corps (7 aircraft missing) bomb Cambrai, and Comines stations, shoot down 3 German aircraft. Haig and Rawlinson thank RFC for its work.


Russo-Japanese Far East mutual consultation treaty, Russia cedes 60 miles of Chinese Eastern Railway.


Greece: Allies lift Greek blockade.
USA: US militia can be absorbed into Army.

Home Fronts

Britain – Easter Rising: Irish Rebellion Commission Report published makes Chief Secretary ‘primarily responsible’.
Stock Exchange minimum prices finally removed, first wartime free market.
Germany: Settlement Law for military pensions farm purchase, esp. in Baltic area.

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